Our Values





Trust is built through honest communication.  That’s why, at CLO Solutions, we believe in simplified contracts, up-front pricing, and giving our clients all the information, they need to make the best business and technology decisions for them, not necessarily CLO’s margin. 

We know that valuing diversity on teams brings better solutions.  We are a diversity owned and operated company.  Our teams represent a wide spectrum of unique backgrounds from personal to professional life.  We believe this uniqueness brings better ideas and solutions to all our projects.


CLO Solutions is a strong believer in working toward a more sustainable industry and planet.  We work hard each day to maintain a small carbon footprint. We have no permanent brick and mortar offices, or ever will.  We utilize WeWork conference space in each of our staffs' geographical locations, when necessary.  We will be onsite with our clients when it is deemed safe and necessary to them and our project(s).

Today we are a 100% Digital Workforce company