Up-Front Pricing

Are you tired of professional services organizations and contracts that are designed to only benefit Big Consultancy’s margin and investors and not your legal department?

                                                          We are too!

At CLO Solutions, we believe in transparency and simplified contracting.  We offer our clients industry leading operational consulting, giving them real choices and real results at competitive rates, that fit the needs of their legal department.  

CLO Rate Guide (All rates listed are in US Dollar):


Hourly rates, by role

Expert / Specialist: $195.00/hour

Consultant: $165.00/hour

Analyst: $135.00/hour


+Hourly rates are good for smaller projects and requests such as: writing or updating a report, developing, or updating a rule, documentation updates, training materials development, roadmap development, and more...


Monthly rates, by role (based on 35 hours, per week)

Expert / Specialist: $24,500/month

Consultant: $20,500/month

Analyst: $16,500/month


++Monthly rates are good for larger projects and requests such as: system selection(s), implementation of a new technology, upgrade of existing technology system(s), digital transformation projects, development and deployment of instructor led training, and more...


Legal Operations Manager as a Service rates 

Legal Ops Manager: $10,500/half month (based on 20 hours, per week)

Legal Ops Manager:  $20,500/month (based on 35 hours, per week)


+++The LOM As A Service role is a dedicated expert legal operations resource.  This person will be “branded” by the client, including email address, and more.  They will become an integrated and seamless part of the clients legal staff.  


Legal Department Report Card (A+)

5 day Legal Department operational review and assessment:  $10,000

All clients who complete the CLO Report Card (A+), will receive 10% off all their invoices for the 6 months following the delivery of the Report Card (A+)


++++The CLO Report Card (A+) is designed for you to fully understand your operational and technological current state.  We will conduct 2 days of virtual interviews with your legal department key stakeholders and relevant staff.  The experts at CLO will then put together the following deliverables:

1. Client Report Card (A+) - where are you on the legal operations maturity model?

2. Department Gap Analysis - what are the business processes and technologies that need your attention?

3. Future Forward Roadmap - how do you get from “current state” to your best and most efficient legal department?


Special Requests (Additional charges may apply)

*CLO Solutions offers native language consulting in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.  Other language skills, outside the client's native country language, are considered special requests.  

**Additional language requirements, beyond the ones listed above, may be outsourced to a third party.