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BGL Report Card (A+)

Legal Department Operational Assessment:  $10,000

Our Legal Department review and assessment, we call the BGL Report Card (A+), is designed for you to fully understand your operational and technological current state.  We will conduct interviews with your legal department key stakeholders and relevant staff.  Then, the solutions experts at BGL will put together the following deliverables:

1. Client Report Card (A+) - we will give you an honest evaluation and show you where your department falls on the CLM, LIM, LKM, & ELM Maturity Map. 

2. Department Gap Analysis - the gap document will show you, based on our knowledge of the legal information management, operations and technology industry and our 229+ global implementations, the most critical areas that need your attention.


3. Focused Roadmap - the roadmap looks at your future state.  It outlines the recommended steps to get you from “current state” to your best and most efficient future forward legal department.

At Brickell Global Legal, we reward demanding work.  This is no different from our staff to our clients.  All clients who complete the BGL Report Card (A+) will receive 10% off their first project invoice, not including the BGL Report Card (A+).